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Profi - Leather - Wood - imitation leather - Textile - Natural Stone is a company composed of professionals from the field who have at least 20 years experience in their field.


All products are and are used in daily practice on location at private individuals or companies and do what they promise throughout Europe and beyond.


Your Profi Team has selected the products that you can use at home or in your company and these products are easy to process / process by the end user. See tips and repair methods.


Your Professional Team strives to use products that cause the least damage to the environment and to humans. If you look through our product groups, you will see that we use many water-based products as well as products with environmentally friendly propellants, and the most naturally pure waxes.


Despite the fact that many products are expensive to produce, your Profi Team has kept the sales prices modest in comparison with our colleagues, especially if you pay attention to the sizes of our products compared to other suppliers.


In short, the products we supply are produced and selected with high standards. This reflects the quality of our products, our company and our services. Professionalism is of paramount importance to us, and this is reflected in our products and working methods.


Hoping to help or inform you as a new customer,


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Your Profi Team.