Sit-fix Micro fiber care kit

Micro fiber care kit:


> Micro fiber protector

> Micro fiber cleaner

> 2 cleaning cloths

> 1 Sponge

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Sealguard Fabric Profi (1000 ml)

1000 ml



Professional impregnation against all kinds of stains. Delayed discoloration by UV-Block. Resistant to almost all external influences. First try out an inconspicuous spot. Application by pressure sprayer approx. 3.2 bar. Works on natural and syntetic fibers. Drying time 12 hours.


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Smell Crush (210 ml)

Effective control of all odors - urine, pets, sewage air, etc.

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Textile Degreaser spray - degreaser (200 ml)

200 ml.


Degreasing spray for smooth, grained and aniline leather. Removes grease stains from furniture, jackets, shoes etc. Less suitable for sanded leather types such as suede.

Shake can very well before use.


At a distance of approx. 15 cm spray off the Leather Degreaser; also around the area to be treated

Allow to dry completely until white powder layer is visible (approx. 2 hours) Do not force-dry

Remove powder layer with cleaning cloth or vacuum cleaner. If grease stain is not completely removed, repeat treatment.

After carefully drying, carefully remove the leather with a dry cloth

Refresh (and color) with Cosmetic for Leather or Active care product.

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Textile Shampoo + protection

Textile shampoo is a mild, concentrated foam for cleaning all types of textiles that do not shrink or discolour when treated with water. Using a damp cloth, test color fastness in an inconspicuous area.

Remove loose dirt. Shake well.




Spray a thin layer of foam on the textile.

Rub foam evenly with a slightly damp cloth.

Rub with a regularly rinsed, squeezed cloth.

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Total Clean (500 ml)

500 ml.


Total clean with fabric softener effortlessly removes the most common stains such as red wine, coffee, chocolate, fruit, blood, grease, ballpoint pen etc from carpet, upholstery, clothing and other types of textiles. Total clean works antistatic.

Wet wet patches as dry as possible.

Do not dilute the total clean, spray it well so that the stain gets wet.

Immediately afterwards, clean stain with clean, dry cloth.

Do not rinse with water as total clean is left to work for 8-12 hours.

If necessary, repeat treatment.

Test color fastness for dust in an inconspicuous place.

Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

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WaterStop (1000 ml)

1000 ml.


Strong impregnation suitable for all open leather types - nubuck - suede - africa etc.

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WaterStop Protectspray (400 ml)

400 ml.


Waterstop provides optimum, water-repellent protection on leather and textiles. With water stop you protect leather and textiles against moisture, dirt and stains. Waterstop is suitable for all types of leather. The appearance and structure of leather and textiles are not affected by the use of a waterstop. For the treatment of textiles, persuade you whether the fabric is colourfast by spraying waterstop on a discreet spot with a white cloth lightly over the spot. This bus is sufficient for the treatment of approx. 5m²



The surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry. Hold the can upright and spray a uniform layer at a distance of approx. 15 cm from the leather or textile, so that the layers overlap. After drying, approx. 2-3 hours, briefly test for watertightness by sprinkling a few drops of water over the sprayed surface: the drops drip away, then too little waterstop is applied and the treatment has to be repeated.


Waterstop contains no silicone and is filled with environmentally friendly propellant.

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